What is Smartwatch

The 2014 is undoubtedly the year of the smartwatch, wearable mini pc. The new technological trend is bringing the various Giants of hitech to produce their own “Smart Watch”, from Samsung, Lg, Sony now are so many the smartwatch systems on the market.

But what’s a smartwatch? What does such a device? Is it really necessary?
A smartwatch is a sort of mini pc indossabilie, that resume the classic appearance of a clock, but inside there is a processor, a RAM and a mobile operating system capable of running applications, in short, a sort of smartphone shaped clock. Obviously, however, it is not possible to call with a smartwatch. The strength of this device is that you can synchronize with Smartphones and tablets so that you can receive notifications directly on your screen. We can then take a quick look at new notifications from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, rather than missed calls, messages and messaging notifications like whatsapp. You can listen to music, check the weather and maps, also the more advanced models are equipped with sensors that monitor our biological signals. This is a device which definitely cannot replace a smartphone or a tablet, but that can be considered as a “little something extra”. In any case, these devices are a combination of technology and design, and in this post we have collected for you the best currently on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

The Korean colossus is arguably the world’s most popular and one of the earliest smartwatch with features of high level. This is an Android-based device with a rubber strap where it was integrated camera with 1.9 megapixelsensor, that allows you to translate phrases in other languages and find information about physical products that you are watching at the time. Only downside, is compatible with a few Samsung devices.

What is Smartwatch 1 (2)

Autonomy: 1 day (normal use), 6 days of standby time
Display:320 x 320 SuperAMOLED 1.63 ”
Defendant: N/A
Compatibility: Galaxy with Android 4.3 +


Pebble is the smartwatch currently considered as the best solution in circulation: with a price cheaper than the competing clocks, the device offers endless possibilities for customization, many digital dials to download different applications designed to extend its capabilities. It has a minimalist design, it is very light (only 38 grams) and not too bulky; connects to Android and iPhone via Bluetooth and alerts, with a slight vibration on your wrist, any emails, messages, calls, calendar events, Facebook notifications, Twitter and weather.

Burn time: 7 days
Display:1.26 “e-paper 144 × 168 pixels
Defendant: 5 ATM water
Compatibility: iOS + Android

Sony Smartwatch

Is one of the earliest smartwatch to be present on the market, but it has nothing to envy to the newcomers, especially for value for money. This is a device that is compatible with all Android smartphones with Bluetooth technology, the connection will be made by the official application. There is an OLED display to see the various notifications and of course the time (still watch it is!). Multi touch panel will allow us to interact with applications, to control music or use other apps that require internet connectivity.

Burn time: 7 days (low), 3 days (average usage), 1 day (high usage)
Display: OLED 128 x 128 pixel 1.3 ”
Defendant: N/A
Compatibility: Android 2.1 +

Sony Smartwatch 2

Compared to its predecessor the Sony smartwatch 2 is larger and is more resistant to water, dust and scratches thanks to certified IP57. You can customize your device with many specially designed straps. PL ‘ autonomy until a week from 1.6-inch Transreflective screen will help you stay informed with notifications of your Android smartphone Bluetooth connected via the dedicated application.

Burn time: 7 days (low), 3 days (normal use)
Display:1.6 inch LCD Transreflective 220 × 176
Defendant: Water, dust and scratches (IP57)
Compatibility: Android 4.0 +

What is Smartwatch 2 (2)


It would seem a genuine watch traditional analogue ones. Everything seems normal until we make the notification icons that appear within this quadrant smartwatch branded COOKOO. Just to confirm that this is a traditional clock battery smartwatch wants to look, a classic CR2032 long-lasting “button which doesn’t need to be recharged. Furthermore this smart watch is also Waterproof up to 5 ATM. Compatible with the iPhone from the 4S, the iPad from 3 ^ gen, and 4.3 Android smartphones with support for Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and this smart watch will show you notifications for incoming calls and missed calls, SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, calendar and also will warn you if you stray too far from your phone or if you have a flat battery (only on iPhone or iPad). Onboard button also allows you to take photos, control music or ringing your phone.

Battery: CR2032 “button
Display: Dial clock with bright notification icons
Defendant: Water up to 5 ATM
Compatibility: Android 4.3 (Galaxy S4 & Notes 3, HTC One), iOS7 (iPhone 4S and newer, iPad 3^ gen and newer)

Samsung Gear 2

The smartwatch with Tizen is the second that the Korean colossus launched. In this model there are a couple of variations. The normal one with 2 MP camera and the one marked by the name Neo that is lacking. As with the other models, the connection is made via Bluetooth and sync notifications.

Anyway on both models are featured on heart rate monitor, accelerometro, airoscopio and a g IR sensor to use the smartwatch as a remote control for your tv set via the function WatchOn. Also in this case the only drawback is the limited compatibility only Samsung Galaxy devices.

Burn time: 2-3 days of frequent use, up to 6 days
Display: 320 x 1.63 “Super AMOLED Touch Screen 320 pixels
Resistant: waterproof and dustproof (IP67 certification)
Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy with Android 4.3

What is Smartwatch 3 (2)

Samsung Gear Live

In essence it is a Gear 2 with some different internal components and a completely different OS. Tizen vs Android Wear, many prefer the second mainly for its extended compatibility with all Android 4.3 and above and not just the Galaxy. LG proposal we have some gem as the heart rate monitor and a Super Amoled display that fits your environment in which we are, but at the cost of having a smaller battery that reduces the weight of a few grams. There is also here the certification for water resistance and dust.:

Autonomy: 300mAh (max 1 day of use)
Display: 320 x 1.63 “Super AMOLED Touch Screen 320 pixels
Resistant: waterproof and dustproof (IP67 certification)
Compatibility: Android 4.3 and above (check the compatibility)

LG G watch

The first completely designed with the new Android branch smartwatch to wearable devices. A light build which has at the core of everything Google Now. LG G Watch stands out from the crowd for design and software capabilities of Android Wear. Of course the link to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to minimize consumption by both parties. Flaw by not just compatibility with older devices only with Android 4.3 or higher which accounts for less than one-quarter of Android smartphones available.

Autonomy: 400mAh (max 2 days)
Display: 1.65 “x 280 280 resolution IPS LCD
Resistant: waterproof and dustproof (IP67 certification)
Compatibility: Android 4.3 and above (check the compatibility)

Undoubtedly the 2015 will be the year of these new electronic trinkets, since the 4th quarter of this year we will present the new generation of smart watches on the TucsonSmartWatches today and most likely will be presented with what is the most anticipated smartwatch ever, l’ iWatch at Apple.