What is the Best Baby Stroller?

Knowing what the best baby stroller for our kids is not easy. So we’ve prepared a post with tips to get you right in the choice. Check out the models, brands and options and learn how to choose this product that will accompany your child’s growth for a long time. The best options are here!

Did you paint that doubt when choosing the ideal baby stroller for you and your family? Know that some simple questions can help you in choosing: What is your lifestyle? Where and what will your child use the cart? How long do you intend to use it?

What is the Best Baby Stroller 2


  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Design

Closed product size

Ideally, it should not take up so much space when it is not being used, so it can be stored without disturbing anyone’s path, and also fit in the trunk of the car.

Cart weight

A very heavy baby stroller is difficult to push and carry where it is needed.The lighter ones make the ride easier, especially if it’s just a moment of yours and the baby.

Weight supported

The weight of your child is also very important, as it can not exceed the weight limit supported by the cart.Ideally, as your little one is growing, the trolley also changes.


Is it compatible with any baby comfort? Are the wheels removable? Do you have a reversion system? These are some extras to watch, which can make all the difference at the time of purchase, according to your need.

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Baby Carriage Travel System Evol-Atimo Rojo Burigotto

R $ 1499,00 R $ 999,00


Baby Carriage 3 Wheels Moodd Quinny Black Devotion

R $ 4699,00 R $ 3999,00


Baby Cart Neptune Blue Burigotto Casual

R $ 899.00 R $ 604.90


Umbrella Ride up to 15 Kg Aqua Blue Frame Black Cosco

R $ 529.00 R $ 449.90


Baby Carrier Milano Reversible Nautical Galzerano

R $ 499.00 R $ 374.90

Tutti Baby

Baby Stroller Tutti Baby Thor Pink Stroller

R $ 529.90 R $ 397.90

* Prices subject to change.

Choose Baby Stroller


These are models that come with other accessories, such as baby comfort and car base.In this way, moms can do countless walks with the little ones without leaving safety and practicality aside.

Three wheels

Ideal for moms and sports parents, the three-wheeled baby stroller will bring all the comfort the little one deserves without leaving Mom’s or Dad’s walk aside.It is possible to join the routine of the sport with the baby company without the slightest problem, since safety is one of the main characteristics of this model.


The baby umbrella or umbrella stroller is the most practical of all the models by offering a quick and easy closing, leaving the cart extremely compact.The difference of it for the others is the simplicity of the model, since it does not present / display so many extra accessories.

For twins

The great advantage of twin strollers is that parents do not have to carry two strollers all around, making the routine much more practical.You can find models where children go side by side or those in which there is a back seat and a front.

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The ideal travel cart is the travel system, because it provides greater comfort and safety to your little one, which are the two things that he needs most.Be very careful during the tours, since at this stage the small ones are still very fragile.

+ 2 years

From the age of two, the three-wheeled cart is the most suitable, since it keeps the child comfortable in any type of ride.At that age, the little ones can stand upright alone and so this model will be well suited.

+ 3 years

From the age of three the child is already doing very well and therefore the use of the cart is not so necessary, but can still be used.The only caution should be with the weight of the small that can not exceed the limit of the cart.


Baby Carriage 3 Wheels Moodd Quinny Black Devotion

R $ 4699,00 R $ 3999,00


Baby Carriage Umbrella Deluxe Black Original Cosco

R $ 799.00 R $ 594.90


Shopping Cart Quest Railroad Stripe Striped Maclaren

R $ 2199.90 R $ 1946.90


Baby Carriage Travel System Reverse Pink Cosco

R $ 679,90


Baby Carriage Twin Gray Galzerano

R $ 1329.00


Baby Stroller for Twins Safety Double Omega Black

R $ 1149.00 R $ 814.90