What is the Difference Between E27 and E14?

What is the difference between a nerve to E14 and E27 led bulb?

What is the Difference Between E27 and E14?

The E14 and E27 units are both of the units to be screwed. The letter E meaning live in the normalization of the units. She comes from its inventor Thomas Edison.

Then comes the number 14 or 27. It simply comes to diameter of nerve 14 mm for a bulb E14 and E27 mm for an E27 led bulb.

For the smallest of the units also said nerve small screws or small nerve.

For E27, the terms nerve nerve large screw or big balls are used.

These two types of nerve E14 and E27 agree to french domestic lighting.

Indeed, in the USA it is the E26 base that is prevalent.

Anyone who has already changed a light bulb fell on one of these units.

In what types of luminaires are installed?

The E14 nerve team often destination of the bedside lamps bulbs, extra lamps, lamp posts to various light bulbs, suspensions to several bulbs…

According to Ledbulbbay, sockets E27 (receiving E27 bulbs) are placed in suspensions, nerve e27bureau lamps, lamp posts, outdoor lighting…

The E27 base can bring far more superior to the nerve E14 powers.

I have an E14 socket but I would like to put a bulb E27, what can I do without changing fixtures?

It may happen that you find the bulb that corresponds to your expectations, but unfortunately the nerve is not suitable for your lighting system.

For your convenience, there are adapters to lampholders. That is, they have a nerve and a socket: the first adapting to the luminaire and the socket receiving the new bulb.

We have for example an adapter socket E14 to E27. The E14 is the nerve that goes on the luminaire and E27 is the socket to install the bulb you have chosen.

We also have other types of adapter: B22 to E27, E27 to B22 to E27 GU10, B22 to E14. The first term for always the nerve of your fixture.

However, attention however to the term used to refer to small and large nerve, because we are talking here of domestic lighting. When you arrive at a professional lighting, other units appear.

Which means that there is E10 smaller, and larger units, bulb E40 led, for example. It is therefore preferable to use specific terms. If you do not know the type of nerve, think to measure its diameter. A pellet screw corresponding to the letter E followed by its diameter.