What is the Pixel Clock

I hope that you have not forgotten to change your time last weekend:). You may not know it, but I love the clocks that are out of the ordinary (and also watches, but this will be the subject of a new article). I moved recently, there’s a little bit of decoration to make and find original clocks. And of course, it is a great advantage of working at present Maestro: we have the choice. But this also has its bad side: the temptation!

What is the Pixel Clock

It’s gold… it is gold… gold to wake… Monseignor… He is eight gold…

There’s one missing! I think you will have recognized this magnificent film is The madness of sizes. But back to my original topic: my selection of clocks.

I don’t know where to start… well it is good I found 3 models. Ready? Fight!

What is the Pixel Clock1

The Pixel Clock

It would appear that I am a person that can be described as geek, ok and well I assume it. This is why I start with the pixel clock.

She will appeal to the retro gamers who want to create an office (or a room) on the theme of the video game. And for children, the pixel clock will do as a birthday gift for a fan of Phoenixwallclocks:

What is the Pixel Clock2

-The clock thermometer hygrometer Alu I think that the team is aware: I love this clock. She’s really gorgeous, its design allows it to go into any interior:

And then she does it all: thermometer, hygrometer and it gives the time (ok a bit normal to this last point). And here’s the third challenger: The pendulum wall bird My third favorite, I love it too. How not to crack with such elegance? A clean design I like:

What is the Pixel Clock3

Rest assured this bird is not as fast as Woody Woodpecker, he moves to the beat of the pendulum. How not to crack?