What is Thomas Mason Fabric

To choose shirt is often a choice between different shirt makers.But as important as who sewed the shirt is who delivered the fabric. One of the well known weaving mills, whose trademark has become something of a hallmark, is Thomas Mason.

What is Thomas Mason Fabric

Despite their today Italian owners in the form of fabric giant Albini Group plays Thomas Mason much on their British heritage and English eccentric approach. The firm has its roots in the industrial revolution and were pioneers when it came to the production of fabrics. They use hydraulics to in an early move to machine operation the real breakthrough came with the Victorian era from the 1850 ‘s and more specifically in the London neighborhood of St James where the aristocratic clubs low. In this area grew Street Jermyn Street shirt makers as a series of ekiperare and housed at the Thomas Mason usually supplied fabric. When World War I broke out came Thomas Mason to experiment with new and durable fabrics to the British army. Their fire-retardant and waterproof fabrics saved the lives of several mainly pilots during this time.

In the interwar period marked King Edward VIII. The Duke of Windsor, who abdicated his title from the throne in favor of his younger brother, George, was the elegant artistokraten who dared to go the whole hog and break with many contemporary dress codes.

What is Thomas Mason Fabric 1

In this way, he created several pieces and combinations that we still carry. During this time, Thomas Mason exclusive supplier for Turnbull & Asser who at this time was London’s most exclusive shirt makers in male clothing. This company supplied in this way both Edward VIII and other members of the Royal family with the shirts in the Thomas Mason fabrics.

During the “swinging sixities” became fashionable, less överklassbetonat and silhouette narrower, the colors bolder and the total expression more playfully. It was more Savile Row meets the Carnaby Street and Thomas Mason adapted by developing more expressive designs and colors for this mode.

Today managers Albini family his mark well and Thomas Mason is now used as the fabric of many of the better manufacturers of shirts on the market. They have a basic assortment in terms of their normal silver line with fabrics of traditional British pattern.

What is Thomas Mason Fabric 2

It consists of two-foldbomull with extra long fibers of so-called high-quality Egyptian cotton. The fabrics to soften after washing and be easy to delete despite the absence of chemical substances. This fabric is a great and affordable standard fabric that are in the range of many MTM-suppliers of shirts.

Gold Line represents the firm’s finest fabrics which also uses top quality Egyptian cotton. These include the range known as Giza 45 cotton quality that represents only 0.4% of all cotton from this district. The order also Giza 87 which is a silky cotton quality with a unique glow.

What is Thomas Mason Fabric 3

It is not always where will signs with fabric manufacturers. Do you want to try these fabrics to have Morris in autumn in their finer line Heritage a few shirts in the Mason-fabric. Manolo chose to test the Thomas Mason, j. lindeberg MTM services that are sewn by Italian Mastei Ferretti. The result you see in the pictures.