What is Vintage Style?

Vintage clothing is fashionable. However, it is only necessary to take a walk on the street or the Net to realize that under this label fits or is embedded almost everything: retro, old-fashion, clothing and accessories designed this year With vintage air, looks that seem to be drawn (and looted) directly from the trunk of our grandmothers..

What is Vintage Style

Is any antique garment vintage? How should we adapt the vintage clothing to the trends of now to not only get current outfits that do not make us appear demodeés but to give them that point of personality of our own that we all seek?

The most common mistake is not knowing how to offset the combination of vintage clothing with seasonal clothing.

To clarify concepts and get some useful tips, we talk to a veteran of vintage fashion, Silvia Moyano, owner of the Barcelona store The INTERNETAGES, Silvia has been dressing women of all ages for more than 15 years, blending in style the seasonal clothing of their other store, El Maniquí , with vintage clothing and accessories . After two decades traveling the world to find unique pieces of great designers – and also because of her training as a fashion designer – her knowledge in appreciating, distinguishing and combining the vintage make her a real expert who exercises in her Day by day, in the store, personal shopper with his clients.

What is Vintage Style 1

Question. What is a vintage garment or accessory?

For some segment of the population it is important to differentiate and invent their own fashion. Vintage clothing allows them to dress with unique garments of various types and ages, and of high quality, that can assemble perfectly with basic and with more current clothes feeling that they have a unique look.

Silvia Moyano.In general, “vintage” is a term used for objects and accessories that, like good wines, have revalued over time, but which can not yet be classified as antiquities.

What is Vintage Style 2

It is also used to describe what for its singularity, history, meaning or influence has become an object of worship or an icon for collectors and, especially, to refer to fashion and design after 1900.

In my opinion, one could consider vintage all that garment that symbolizes a great moment in the history of fashion for its design, color treatment or volume: for example, the New Look suit of Dior of the 50’s or a dress of John Galliano del 2000. These are pre-mid 90’s garments that are worth keeping because they represent a milestone in the evolution of fashion.

What is Vintage Style 3