What is Vintage

You hear, you read and you see that word everywhere now? An English word that you refer mostly to old items? Ok, let me enlighten you on what the word VINTAGE!

What is vintage?
The English word comes from therm vintage vintage French and means also believed. This is a product that can age and that can consume après.Le vintage years is the period of 30 glorious (30 years of prosperity, enthusiasm and time in the future after the second world War). It appeared a few years ago and has become a word of common language in fashion, decoration … (yes that’s why you see so often;)). I present to you ladies and gentlemen Vintage!!

How to know if an object is vintage?

What is Vintage 1

According to internetages.com, a vintage clothing store, there are 4 criteria for property to be vintage:

  • -Have at least 20 years of age
  • -représenter a design or fashion period
  • -being in good condition
  • -provenir a recognized creator.

You now know how to know if an object is vintage but be careful not to be confused with a neo-retro object. The neo-retro refers to recent products inspired by past models.

Now that you know the distinguished 2, go to Step dressing;)

How to wear vintage clothing?

What is Vintage 2

What better than to stand out wearing a chic vintage piece and disconnected! For that you do not have to wear a vintage outfit entirely (I do not think it would take you seriously!) But why not just accessorize an outfit with a nice vintage piece!

I propose you several nice outfits to wear!

Try this site which offers several vintage outfits that will be to your taste!

You tell us in comments what your favorite outfit is!

I’ll give you now some addresses that will help you find rare parts, and therefore old vintage. If you are in Paris and want to check it out, you can visit the Wonder Vintage Market or the Vintage Fair will be open during the return period that is to say in September / October 2014.

Vintage Style Clothing

The addresses

Why not take a trip to Paris, capital of fashion, to discover the Wonder VIntage Market. This small room is located in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris at 17 rue Komen. It is an old warehouse which hosts several stands with a vintage specialty (eg old telephones). There is also a super nice picture studio where you can take a photo in a totally vintage frame. Photo in costs 15 euros if you want to print it on site I think. There is also a hairdressing shop with all kinds of very original hairstyles and totally vintage. There is a wide price range. The clothes are quite expensive. So plan some money if you want to do some shopping and for entry is 5 euros per person.

* Another lounge you advise? Sure, and why not try the vintage lounge. On Saturday 18 and Sunday, October 20, 2014, 4 rue Eugène Spuller in the third district of Paris. This show is larger than the Wonder VIntage Market and luxurious. You may have the chance to speak with Didier Ludot (unfriendly, if I may) creator of a vintage shop in Paris. 5 euro entry.

What is Vintage 3

* Looking for vintage clothes? Try the site, this site offers unique vintage pieces from different cities. From 9euros to 249euros.

* Short-sighted? Astigmatism? Whatever your Mad shop the Glasses will be there for you!Restoration of vintage glasses or research models found. Why not take a tour?

* You want to equip an office or a store? You move or you want to change your decor? No worries, the Our site is there to give you a wide range of ideas!
And now thank you for reading! Hopefully that you enjoyed and you have managed to find a vintage piece (and at your grandparents do not count!). Join us next week with another article in the meantime we wish you all a great week!