What’s Android Wear 5.1?

A few months ago we ran the Android Wear, and saw how it worked, and since then have been added new features and article and video of today is a continuation where we focus only on what’s new and what’s different. And for that we’re going to get the LG G Watch R, which we tested recently and you’ve got this new version.

Android Wear 5.1 Has a New Design

The design is a little different, more simplified, and now you can change the font size, between small, normal or large, and there is also an option to lock the screen with a code automatically, if take the watch off his wrist, but will still have to be improved because with us never worked properly, but the positive side is that we can manually block , whenever we want.

What's Android Wear 5.1 1

It should be noted that this is completely independent of the Smart Lock that keeps the phone unlocked while it is connected to the clock, which means we can block the clock and still the phone continue unlocked. And vice versa.

Improvements That Expected For a Long Time

From the main screen by clicking on the dial, or sliding from the right is the list of available applications. Among them, the “Find Smartphone” puts the phone ringing with the volume way up so that it appears, if you are paired to the clock of course. And, for example, the application of the notes can be accessed even if you are not connected to the phone and now the applications will not close automatically, i.e. we can see the list of purchases and after a while, the screen turns off, but continues to show the list, which is super convenient and also happens in the application of maps if you’re navigating. Of course for this to happen must be enabled the option always on screen, that for example the Bike 360 does not support and therefore will not be able to take full advantage of this feature, but the LG G Watch and several other models will not have any problem.

What's Android Wear 5.1 2

Sliding again have access to recent contacts, from where we can call, send an email or an SMS, and in addition to dictate text, it is also possible to draw a smilewhich will be recognized by the clock, or select one of several available.

“OK Google”

And finally, we can talk to start any application or select one of the options, which already existed in the previous version. And continues to be able to say “ok” from the screen of hours to go to this menu.

When before you had to slide from the bottom to the top, now simply rotate the wrist up to display the low card, and so on to see the remaining cards, and of course, it is also possible to run the clock down to go back to the previous one, which is very practical, if we have your hands full.

From any menu we can press the side button during 1 second to bring up the list of applications.

If we’re at home, away from the phone and lose the Bluetooth connection, notifications are transmitted via Wi-Fi.

What's Android Wear 5.1 3

Another interesting feature is that if we’re at home, away from the phone and lose the Bluetooth connection, notifications are transmitted via Wi-Fi. A small note to the G Watch R does not yet support this feature, but LG has already guaranteed that will be available by the end of this year.

In TucsonSmartwatches, such a smartwatch is waterproof and news show Google’s commitment to improving this operating system and make the smart watches even more useful, and so appear more features, we will make a new article with a video. And if you want to know more about these watches can view the 360 Motorcycle tests and LG G Watch R or even the comparison between the two.

And you think these important news? What would you like to see implemented in Android Wear to make these watches more appealing? Share with us your opinions in the comments!