Why Does the Smartphone Slow Down Over Time? How to Solve?

Smartphone is a device that can be useful to help us make some computing resources at our fingertips. But many people complain about their smartphone, because of those devices that are with some sort of slow or locking. Why do smartphones stay that way?There are many causes that can affect your smartphone’s performance. Full use of RAM capacity is what most affects the performance of the device. Too much cache file, or filled full internal memory are other causes. So how to restore a performance like new smartphones? Well, there is no very easy way to do this. But for Android smartphone users, we have some tips to ease the performance of the device, to make it a little softer than before. But before I give you the tips,

Why Does the Smartphone Slow Down Over Time? How to Solve?

The specifications of your smartphone

First, you have to know about your phone specification. If your phone or smartphone has a more basic configuration, with a lower speed processor, low RAM or low internal memory, you will hardly experience good device performance, especially to make or run some heavy applications. But it can still have smooth operation if you do not push it to very complicated tasks.

For this type of device, never use to do some hard work, such as playing games or heavy applications in high definition. Do not install many applications, not just because it will occupy part of the total capacity of the internal storage, but because it will also affect the performance of your smartphone .

Incorrect use of the appliance

As written above, you have to know the settings of your device. Running multiple applications at the same time, will need higher CPU usage of the device, so a high or average CPU specification will be required to do so. Sometimes an Android smartphone user will experience a slow process when running some applications, even if the device has better specifications if it is used incorrectly.

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To use your device properly, do not try to take more than it can offer. Smartphones with line-type specifications do not mean they will have unlimited capacity . When the device is processing some apps, you have to take some time to keep your smartphone from processing applications properly. Do not open or jump to another application very quickly because it will require a lot of processing, which could make your smartphone crash, especially for devices with more basic specifications. After you start or restart your smartphone, it’s best not to touch any button on your smartphone for a while. Wait for your smartphone to read and load the data and active applications in memory before using it.

Lack of memory

No more space on internal storage? Or is the smartphone still saying it has little space? Careful, this will also affect the performance of your smartphone.

Start solving this problem by trying to move applications to the SD card. This will help to ease the internal storage capacity. Uninstall some applications that seem to be useless. This will save you more space on the internal memory. Applications such as Titanium Backup help you to better manage the memory of your device. Smartphones with Android also have a native application manager, which helps when managing the active applications on your smartphone.

If the tips above do not help, save more space in the internal memory to try to eradicate your Android device, then install the Link2SD application straight from Google Play. This application will be very useful for moving all user application data to the SD card. It can also be used to delete or uninstall bloatware, which are useless apps from the manufacturer.

Many applications running in the background

Why Does the Smartphone Slow Down Over Time How to Solve 2

Be sure to close one application correctly after use, or before running another application. It is very important, especially for most basic devices. It will help significantly to keep your smartphone usage smooth. Many applications running in the background will drain the battery quickly and will also increase the device’s temperature.

To close an application, use the application’s “exit / exit” menu, or tap the back button repeatedly until the application is closed. Do not use the Home button because applications continue to run in the background. The Home button is usually used for multitasking.

Scheduled obsolescence

Over time, your smartphone will not be able to fully utilize the capabilities of the newest applications, either because of system updates or because of increased application requirements. This is because applications in addition to asking more and more of the devices, they are manufactured to be changed over time. A high-end smartphone, for example, has a lifespan of approximately 5 years, but is already “choking” with heavier applications. Already an intermediate smartphone, a useful life is about 3 years of life.

The most practical solution here is to change the device, buying a new one. However, with the number of ROMs customized on the network , there are many made so that older devices can breathe for a while longer. Just search a bit and find the ROM optimized for your device model.

Final considerations

In the field of technologies, it is difficult to find a device that will survive for long. Even the first ever revolutionary iPhone virtually bears almost nothing today’s applications. But there is always a way to continue using your device, just look for a little.

Why Does the Smartphone Slow Down Over Time How to Solve 3

Do you also have suggestions for slower devices? What do you do with your old appliances? Send ideas in the comments below!