WWF is an English acronym.

The meaning of WWF is the name of a non-governmental organization, founded in 1961 in Switzerland, by a number of scientists who were concerned with the devastation that occurred in nature. At that time, the acronym meant “World Wildlife Fund”, which translates to the Portuguese was “the World Fund for Wild Life”.


However, after the growth of the popularity of the organization by the world, the initials came to represent all the way of conservation, without stopping only at a performance. Since then, WWF is known as World Wide Fund For Nature”, that is, “the World wide Fund for Nature”.

It is clear that currently the organization seeks to be known only as the WWF, in a way that avoids confusion or messaging wrong at the time of the translations of the literals of the acronym. Only in the United States is that the old name is still used.


The WWF is considered to be one of the largest nonprofit organizations that has as objective to develop measures that advocate for the preservation of nature. It aims, therefore, conserve, investigate, and recover the environment in any part of the planet.

Symbol of reference, the WWF has offices in dozens of countries and has the support of an amazing range of people of all possible origins. The organization has designed and executed more than 13 thousand projects in more than 150 nations.

Thus, the WWF contributes directly to the conservation of the natural elements, fighting against polluting agents, carrying out campaigns of awareness to the societies about the reality of environmental issues and encouraging practices to alleviate the impacts.


These practices can be performed for the entire population:

  • The correct separation of garbage,
  • Economy in the use of water,
  • Moderate use of natural resources.

These are just some examples covered by the WWF. The entity makes the edition and publication of books, booklets and magazines which also have the responsibility to teach about the preservation of the environment.

In Brazil, WWF-Brazil was created in 1996 and has headquarters in Brasilia. The brazilian organization was the 25th of the WWF Network and the first in Latin America. There are even offices in other countries of the american continent, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Costa Rica; associated organizations are located in Argentina, Ecuador and Venezuela.