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Currently there are 6 main continents, they are: America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica.

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Some characteristics about each of them:

1-Asia: It is the largest of the continents, and it is also the one with the largest population on the planet. Its area is 45 million km2, its current population is 4.5 billion people.

Alphabetical list of countries in Asia:

2-Antarctica: It is also called “South Pole”, it is the fourth largest continent in the world, with approximately 14 million km2.


3-America: The second largest continent in the world, with a total area of ​​42 km2, is divided into three parts: Central America, North America and South America, its population is estimated at 1 billion inhabitants.

Alphabetical list of countries in North and Central America:

Alphabetical list of countries in South America:

4-Africa: Its territorial extension is over 30 million km2 and the population is estimated at 1.2 billion inhabitants. It is also the continent with the largest number of countries.

Alphabetical list of countries in Africa:

5-Europe: It is one of the smallest continents in the world, and it is also the most important politically. Its territorial extension is over 10 km2 and its population is approximately 800 million inhabitants. Check more information about European population size on Countryaah.

Alphabetical list of countries in Europe:

6-Oceania: Its territorial extension is 8 million km2, of its 14 countries the mayia is formed by archipelagos, its total population is 40 million people.

Alphabetical list of countries in Oceania:

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Get to know the ranking of the five most populous countries today!

The population of our planet is not evenly distributed throughout the world, with those countries having a large number of people and those where the number of inhabitants is much smaller. Thus, there are those that are considered the most populous countries in the world, with unimaginable numbers of inhabitants.

Recent data show that the world has more than seven billion inhabitants. But do you know which countries are the most populated? Check below the ranking with the five largest populations of the world:

1st place – China

In 2010, China’s population was 1 billion and 300 million people, making it, then, the first among the most populous countries in the world. This number is more than double what the country registered 50 years ago. But thanks to the intense birth controls implemented in the country, the number of people tends to be lower in the future. The UN (United Nations) estimates that in 2050, the Chinese population will be 1 billion and 200 million people.

2nd place – India

The population of India also reached, in 2010, a total of 1 billion and 200 million inhabitants, taking second place among the most populous countries. However, the Indian population is experiencing a great growth, so that in the future it should assume the leadership among the largest populations in the world.

3rd place – United States

Americans total 310 million people, making the United States the third largest population in the world. However, that number is less than half of the runner-up. In that country, the birth rate is not very high, so demographic growth will not be very large in the coming years.

4th place – Indonesia

With more than 240 million people, Indonesia has significantly increased its population growth, having recently surpassed Brazil (although this country is much smaller than ours). However, according to the UN, in 2050, Indonesia will fall to fifth place among the most populous countries, as it should be overtaken by Nigeria (currently ranked seventh).

5th Place – Brazil

Recent data state that the Brazilian population is 190 million inhabitants. Despite having grown more than ten times over the 20th century, the trend is that this growth will stop happening by the year 2042. According to the UN, in 2050, we will occupy only the seventh place among the largest populations in the world, because we will be overtaken by Nigeria and Pakistan.

The 50 countries with the most TVs in the world

Rank Country Number of TV sets.
1 China, People’s Republic (Asia) 676,700,000
2 United States of America (North America) 283,410,000
3 India (Asia) 107,055,000
4 Japan (Asia) 106,450,000
5 Brazil (South America) 74,890,000
6 Russia (Europe) 66,710,000
7 Germany (Europe) 61,218,000
8 Indonesia (Asia) 40,127,000
9 Great Britain (Europe) 40,040,000
10 France (Europe) 39,510,000
11 Turkey (Asia) 36,210,000
12 Mexico (North America) 35,070,000
13 Italy (Europe) 30,660,000
14 Spain (Europe) 29,300,000
15 Pakistan (Asia) 28,230,000
16 Ukraine (Europe) 25,870,000
17 Canada (North America) 22,570,000
18 Thailand (Asia) 20,810,000
19 Egypt (Africa) 20,040,000
20 Colombia (South America) 18,910,000
21 Poland (Europe) 18,720,000
22 Korea, Republic of (Asia) 18,250,000
23 Vietnam (Asia) 18,230,000
24 Philippines (Asia) 16,790,000
25 Sudan (Africa) 16,530,000
26 Australia (Australia-Oceania) 16,020,000
27 Argentina (South America) 13,660,000
28 Taiwan (Asia) 13,290,000
29 Iran (Asia) 13,110,000
30 Nigeria (Africa) 10,750,000
31 South Africa (Africa) 10,470,000
32 Romania (Europe) 10,070,000
33 Netherlands (Europe) 9,870,000
34 Democratic Republic of the Congo (Africa) 9,160,000
35 Uzbekistan (Asia) 7,660,000
36 Morocco (Africa) 7,510,000
37 Portugal (Europe) 7,140,000
38 Malaysia (Asia) 6,710,000
39 Saudi Arabia (Asia) 6,310,000
40 Belgium (Europe) 6,050,000
41 Greece (Europe) 5,910,000
42 Yemen (Asia) 5,720,000
43 Peru (South America) 5,720,000
44 Sweden (Europe) 5,560,000
45 Czech Republic (Europe) 5,160,000
46 Venezuela (South America) 4,970,000
47 Hungary (Europe) 4,890,000
48 Switzerland (Europe) 4,850,000
49 Denmark (Europe) 4,790,000
50 Cuba (North America) 4,660,000

Source: AbbreviationFinder

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